Dear Doer Of Darkness
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Dear Doer of Darkness,

I don't really have much to add to my Kaleidoscope requests, except to say that you can chuck the requests out the window completely if you feel there's a specific story in one of these fandoms that you'd rather tell.

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Yuletide Reveal Post
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It was an amazing prompt...

"I'd love a story in which my favourite minor Watchman gets centre stage – for example, solving a case with the other also-rans like Visit."

Lower-deck episodes are the BEST.

I actually noticed this prompt for the first time last year, when it showed up in the unfilled prompts list. I thought about writing it as a New Year's Resolution fic and even jotted down some notes about possible plotlines, but they all seemed a bit too big and everybody knows I don't write longform. So I just left it and secretly hoped somebody else would write it.

Then the prompt showed up again in the letter spreadsheet for Yuletide 2010 and I decided I wanted to write it myself after all. So I made sure to offer the relevant characters on my signup form and I even offered Just William (a fandom I knew well enough to write, but wouldn't have necessarily offered otherwise) purely to increase my chances of matching on the dream prompt.

And then I got it as my main assignment! Everything after that should have been easy, right?

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Didn't get a santa letter off your recipient? Not sure what to write? Ask the Yulegoat!
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I'm making a generator. What follows is a list of the content so far. Further suggestions will be gratefully receieved!

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This erasure thing is harder than I thought...
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(Cross-posted to erasureathon

Erased by: adaptationdecay
From a fic by: caramelsilver
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia


At the demand of her siblings, Susan played at Narnia.

She filled her thoughts with time: felt old, changed, different...

She came to the conclusion that Narnia was a problem, a worry.

It was time to take charge of her siblings.

She is leaving Narnia.

She will be dignified.

She he has to be the first; they will follow.

Susan nods in acceptance at the thought: an unspoken promise of change.

Everything is changed.

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