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GenFicExchange Letter
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Thanks for offering to write for me! I have no squicks or triggers and I read fic of all ratings, all lengths, all POVs (1st, 2nd, 3rd-omniscient & 3rd-limited) all tenses and all genres.
I enjoy stories in both the standard form and the more unusual stuff (scripts, epic poems, linked drabbles, interactive fiction, etc.) Nothing is off-limits. I'm also fine with crossovers and happy to read them even if I'm unfamiliar with the other fandom.

So hopefully that's a fairly open playing field. Let's talk fandoms!

FANDOM: Breaking Bad
CHARACTERS: Jesse and Mike, but you can write about other characters if you want

I'd prefer something action or plot oriented in this fandom. It doesn't need to be a big plot - who can manage a big plot in 1000 words? - but I would enjoy a fic where there is an actual problem to be solved and not just a character reflecting on stuff.

One of the things I always really enjoyed in the show was the 'appliance of science' scenes where we see household objects being used for unorthodox and frequently lethal purposes. (Hey kids, did you know you could make thermite out of an etch-a-sketch and blow up a car using a squeegee? Wanna learn how to make your own ricin?) I'd love a fic that had a scene like that in. Don't sweat it if the science isn't super-accurate (It never was in the show) and I apologize in advance if the FBI happen to be keeping tabs on your Google search history.

I picked Jesse and Mike as my requested characters because out of all the nominated characters these were the two I found the most interesting in canon. However, you don't need to include them both in your fic, they're just a starting point. If you have a good story to tell, you can use any of the characters including OCs and ones who weren't nominated like Saul and Walt.

Other Breaking Bad stuff I enjoy beyond the weird science includes dramatic tension, the practicalities of money laundering, scenery porn of the New Mexico desert, characters with complicated motivations and the way Aaron Paul says "bitch".

FANDOM: Chronicles Of Narnia (bookverse)
CHARACTERS: Eustace and Jill, but you can write about other characters if you want

If you nominated Scrubb and Pole because you specifically wanted to write about those characters, I'd be very interested in exploring something set at Experiment House after the events of The Silver Chair. I'd love to see how the two of them keep their secret from their classmates and the ways in which their experiences in Narnia have bled over into their everyday lives.

If you offered 'Any' and would like a wider selection of plot bunnies to choose from, I have a five year backlog of Narnia bunnies that are desperate for a good home, all but one of which are gen.

FANDOM: Frozen
CHARACTERS: Elsa and Anna. I'm in this fandom for the sisters, so I want at least one and ideally both.

I'll be honest with you, what I'm really looking for here is tropey, tropey crack! Wings, de-aging, time loops, bodyswap, ridiculous crossovers... deploying any of the standard crack-tropes in this fandom whether played for laughs or taken seriously would completely make my day

A bodyswap fic where Anna has to deal with Elsa's ice powers? WANT! A fic where Elsa gets sent to Xavier's like in the HISHE video on Youtube? WANT! A groundhog day scenario where the sisters are stuck in a timeloop and have to work together to fix things and escape? WANT! De-aging? Wingfic? Telepathy? WANT! WANT! WANT!

Now, if you don't do tropey and you're freaking out at the idea of writing something that isn't canon-compliant then I'll happily take any fic that could reasonably be summarized as "In which Elsa is awesome and Anna is adorkable." If you do go the canon compliant route, I'd be particularly charmed if you were able to write something funny and non-violent that lends itself to being read aloud, because then I could share my gift with the five year old who got me into this fandom in the first place.


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